Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sashimi Bibimbap, Woodfield Purchase, Moon Miracle Music Box and Candy . . .

I was very happy to see sashimi waiting for me when I got home!
I love raw salmon! It's just melts in your mouth like butter.

I saw someone upload on tumblr of sashimi and rice and
thought I would make sashimi bibimbap.

I added the raw fish with cabbage, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, sesame seeds and added
red chili paste

Mix that sucker up!

Pops also made this sweet corn and egg soup for the family.

Sarah and I went to Woodfield to meet up with her friend at work.
While Sarah and her friend were catching up, I checked out the stores and came across this little beauty!

It is a raspberry lip gloss infused with real flowers.
It smells yummy and it's cool to watch the tiny flowers floating in the tube.

I also purchased a candle. You can never have enough candles.

I am super lucky to get my hands on this item!
I wanted this Moon Miracle Music Box for a long time and I will treasure it forever!
It's hell of a lot cheaper than buying the star locket which goes for about $1000 on ebay. The melody from the music box sounds more accurate than the star locket orgel.

Don't let that sticker fool you... it cost me way more than that!

Why are Japanese toys so cute? They really put in a lot of effort to make this music box super adorable!

When you open it and hear it play "Moonlight Denstsu" ....
I can't describe how happy I am to own this.

Bought some Japanese candy from the Asian market. My Sunday school students love them!

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